alrighty small update

since i seem to be sticking with this legacy, i might as well make a page for them. it was getting too hard to track down all the posts to figure out what was going on lol. hopefully i found them all.

 Dirk and Andromeda's first son, Ozzy

 i just love that cowplant. what a fun pet

 after talking this picture i realized that the house has the wrong windows. when i imported my save data from the other computer i didnt have the windows i used in the other game so the game just changed them all to default ea windows. bleh that wont do

 thats better! now its got a much more haunted mansion/castle-y feel. i think i need to darken up that floor tile tho, its too cheery.

 Andromeda had a day off so she and Dirk went out on a date! plus they both had celebrity opp.  to have a drink at the lounge, so two birds, one stone.

 they got a little frisky on that date, and Andromeda soon gave birth to another son! Xerxes after her brother. (realized after finding the old pages i already had a xerxes, whoops!)

 Dirk's plant child has aged up and she still bores me

 its ozzy's birthday!

 and hes actually kind of a cutie! that hair color needs to go tho. where did that even come from? hes not a witch however, which was kind of the point of this family. ill have to decide later if hes a viable heir.

 i dont remember why i took this pic

fashion police! pull over! sir, you have commited crimes against fashion and must be punished!!
he saw a ghost and then fainted, leaving the boys alone. fine babysitter you are


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