still playing 7 days to die

but i really miss the sims too. i tried playing the other day but got really anxious and turned it off. it wasnt fast paced enough (used to zombies chasing me) plus it had been so long since i played that family i couldnt remember whats going on.

its frustrating tho thinking about the sims but at the same time not really wanting to play it.
saw this priview for the sims 4 vampires, they actually look kinda cool. they have powers and can turn into bats and can whoohoo in coffins.

wish my vamps did that!

tempted to get it just for the vampires haha. but i know it will just be an overall disappointment, with no CASt and no open world and no toddlers and everything else that sucks about it. 

maybe ill just get the sim maker thing and make some vampires to get it out of my system. i wonder if that is even an option.


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