a single gal at last

 every night ozzy went to the red velvet lodge. oooo buuubles

 Poor horsie is so bored and loney. why did ozzy even get her?

 the dog is afraid of everything. ozzy named him thor because when he went to adopt a puppy from his friend, one was hit by lightning. this one. chosen by the gods! and SCARED OF EVERYTHING.

 when he wasnt going to the vampire lounge he was going to parties. every girl he meets is taken. even the ugly ones. damn you nraas mod.

 while he was sowing his wild oats, mother passed away.

 well hello, never seen you before! got her all chatted up before learning that she too, has a boyfriend.. uuggh..

 well how about you, ugly nose? you got a boyfriend too? you dont? really? ding ding we have a winner! the only single girl in town!

 he immediately whisked bianca home before nraas mod decided to fuck with me. she fell easily to his advances. but if im keeping her, shes going to need a makeover

 and her personality is terrible. shes more afraid of everything than the dog! ozzys (dead) relatives visit often. if she cant handle a little ghost activity she isnt going to work out here.

 finally had ozzy take that horse back down and sell her. she won a race or two so her value has at least doubled.

 bianca wanted to go to egypt. . ozzy wanted to travel with bianca. so i sent them both on vacation. ive never tomb raided with a party before. it got things done much faster

 but for some reason, bianca couldnt sleep in the tomb, and ozzy could. so she stood around all night tired. game got a little laggy when they came home so i dunno if im going to be doing any WA adventures in this family, i dont need another ovevil problem

 saw this dog in field a short ways from my house. what the hell EA? this is not what dogs look like lol


 bianca still had a heart for beau merrick and ozzy had many hearts with many many people, so i had to fix that before we attempted to go steady. (or you get that stupid confess to cheating thing) so i sent her to beaus house to break it off.  he took it well but she seemed upset.

a clean state later and ozzy can propose! her personality is still horrible but after her makeover she is one of the hottest gals in town and he cant let her get away!


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