well no more custom towns.. for now

after suffering from several random crashes, error traps and other nonsense, i decided to evacuate the town the Samhain's lived in.
besides, all the community lots were empty and that annoyed me. the BIG problem was, i build them a house in a custom sculpted coastline, and finding a spot for it in a new town will prove to be challenging.

i ended up on aurora skies. its a lovely little town that i havent really played in enough. plus is has a lot of beach, and this is a beach house.
BUT this house was built on a hill, that slopes gently down to a beach, and all of aurora skies is pretty much flat,.

it did take some landscape sculpting to get their house to fit, but i think i blended it pretty well. of course, now its up on stilts WAY above the ground and thats kinda odd haha.

 Mandrake is a good little stay home pappy. since hes an alchemist he can stay home all day. and using magic and elixirs to keep his motives up, hes on call 24/7.

 the second born is about to age up!

 Mandrake is so fucking cute sometimes. i wasnt going to make them have anymore kids, but he rolled the 'have a child' want so i said screw it. lets do this.

 their back deck overlooks the sea now. its very peaceful.

 a little girl was born! (the first girl child since i  reinstalled)

 i think Tisha is losing her mind. she was originally build to be the town bimbo, now shes been roped into this family life.

 i guess it really took a toll on her, because as i was doing something in another part of the house with Mandrake, she killed herself. cowplant ate her right up.

 Mandrake didnt take it well. he showered affection on his little girl, who looks like her mother. then when the eldest child became a teen, he just left.

hes been at the casino ever since. drowning his sorrows in slot machines


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