even more cleanup

well ive been putting it off for a good long time, but i finally went and deleted the sims 3 from my machine. completely wiped clean.

i put my mods folder and my ovevil save file on the desktop, but thats it. everything else goes.
i hope that a good fresh reinstall will clear up all the laggy crap ive been dealing with. its so irritating. i try to play, and its just too slow and i get frustrated and turn it off. so for weeks ive just been avoiding even turning it on

well enough of that. i love this game dammit, and i want to continue playing it. so out goes all the trash.
there are a lot of things that just simply cannot be replaced. content that isnt hosted anywhere anymore.
but hopefully, i can deal with what is available from store and stuff packs. there is so much more now, then when i started downloading content, most of it has been replaced with EA stuff anyway.

and hey maybe the nanobots and robot machine will actually WORK now. ive never gotten to really enjoy ITF because of this. and its one of my favorite expansions.

wow im actually getting kind of excited... to play the sims 3.. that ive owned for half a decade haha.
starting over is kind of invigorating :)

hopefully i can get it all installed by sometime tomorrow haha (it will be an all day project AT LEAST)


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