perhaps ill just start new

still havent quite decided if i want to risk rescuing the Ovevil family from their save file, so maybe ill just make a new legacy family that i can get attached to, that are similar. an 'Addams' family family so to speak.

i was going to kidnap the Goths and jut use them but their genetics are terrible.

so i went into CAS and i made this guy

 Mandrake Samhain (Sow-En). hes a tall, lanky man-witch with a slightly Kylo Ren nose and a shit ton of freckles.
hes not my usual genetic bag of tricks, (those are getting old) but hes pleasant looking enough, and might make some pretty babies!

so far i kind of hate his house, but i can always relocated him eventually if i get attached to him. lets see where life takes you, Mandrake!


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