just a quick update

Nedira has had a more or less uneventful teen-hood. she went to school, got good grades, yadayada. once or twice got caught by police for being out too late, but who are they going to tell? hahaha

met an sorta cute boy at the club one night. but hes got a girlfriend :/

 (using cheats) she got her classicly cool car back again!

 and its time to age up! both she and her brothers missed the prom. i might need to adjust the age manager, because the prom always seems to come like 4 days after teens age up

 wow she is lovely. really a perfect blend of Mandrake and Tisha. i have like 0 goals for her to accomplish in life, so ill send her to college and see what happens

she took a technology degree path because she rolled the LTW to be an astronaut. shes got herself a roommate and lives in a really swanky future pad. nothing interesting usualy happens in college, so she might not be updated for a while


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