maybe im just cursed

or whatever family i deem my favorite, anyway.
so now aurora skies is crashing too. but not in the same way it was crashing in that other town. now its jut freezing up and i have to task manager out.
i havent added anything that i can think of, so i dunno why its doing this now.

well its tolerable for the most part, just irritating. other than that the game is still running pretty good.

 Davaro aged up and im not impressed.

 Mandrake accidentally became a celebrity, so now paparazzi are camping out on the deck. what better way to practice witchery than to have an endless supply of toad prospects!

 Nedira wanted to go sing some karaoke. there just happens to be a karaoke place right across the street. unfortunately, she is terrible. please never sing again Nedira

 Nedira sat in the classically cool fixerupper car, listening to tunes. her dad promised to build it for her for when she was a teen

 and he worked on it frequently.

 a burglar came. Bonehilda beat the crap out of her! haha

 Lucien is all grown up! he and his brother are seriously unfavorable, so i moved them both out. its just Mandrake and Nedira now

 and Mandrake is aging rapidly! hopefully he can hang in there to accomplish all his goals before he kicks the bucket.

 Nedira turned teen soon after. huzzah.

 as he was out fixing up the car, he suddenly died. the car glitched and died too. Nedira lost her father and her birthday present.

 now shes forced to ride her hoverboard everywhere, as she never got taught how to drive.

 its not easy being an orphan, but shes getting by, hanging out with her cats and holo buddy, and building skills

light saber umbrella!


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