The Adventures of Mandrake

 Mandrake is getting off to a good start. hes an alchemist, being a witch and a gatherer it seemed a natural choice

 hes got a nice little garden room in his home. and insisted on adopting a kitten. this is Kohl.

 playing with the hypto machine. still not sure what it does lol

 one day, Mandrake met a boob monster named Tisha. they hit it off really well and she moved in the very next day. shes a bit slutty, so i have to change some of her traits/LTW if i intend for her to be the marrying type.

 the town im playing has like 0 community lots. so i added a casino and sent the young couple down there to have some fun. turned out to be VERY worth it, as Mandrake won 5000 simoleans on a slot machine. now he can pay the rent! to celebrate he married Tits Mcgee right there in the casino

 and for a while things were just fine. Tisha fit into the household well enough, they were happy and somewhat prosperous for broke people.

 lucky for Mandrake, there is a spawn right outside his beach house, so he can collect ingredients for his potions.

 will the maids EVER stop trying to eat the cake?

 i changed Tish's LTW from community girlfriend to renaissance sim. so she needed to master 3 skill lines. randomly she chose martial arts, so i got her the items. shes is kicking ass

 Mandrake has almost mastered alchemy! but time is ticking and we need to stop poppin out heirs soon. they've been risky woohooing since their wedding night, and so far nothing. i know its not Tish, she has a baby with some other guy from before they met. so maybe Mandrake is sterile?

ahaa! it finally happend! Tisha's feeling barfy :D with only 2 days to go to aging up to adult, shes sure is cutting it close.
they are still broke as hell and cant afford a kid, but that legacy train has to keep chugging haha. hopefully these two blend well, they both have pretty good genes. but you can never tell how badly genes might mix together

and Mandrake adopted another cat! this one called Sooty. another all black one with a poofy tail


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