well i never would have expected this

 well college went well. driving the motive magenta everywhere was super helpful

 she woohood random dudes

 and set the bowling alley on fire.

 she still cant sing

so after a fairly uneventful time at uni she graduated and came home. she got into the military and is advancing quickly. but she needs to find a husband fast. times a wastin!

 went to vargs tavern to check out the locals.. omg some old couple just woohood in my car!

 i invited the paparazzi in so she could 'meet' the cowplant. poor thing got sick and barfed her back up :(

 after a week or so of just clubbing and going to work, it seemed likley that she wasnt going to find an available man during her breeding window its gotta happen now or you will end up with more orphans cause your ass is gonna die of old age. so she made a wish on the genie for a big family too bad the genie cant just give her a husband

 she invited over a guy she met online since she was 'feeling fertile'.  turns out hes got a girlfriend (dammit dont they all?) but she fooled around with him anyway.

 success! her one dalliance prooved fruitful. but she is still unmarried. she needs to fix that, and fast.

 oh no..... QUADS! and she lives alone! this is a disaster! Andromeda




what will she do? bonehilda is broken and she doesnt have a plumbot! well at least she got plenty of heirs to choose from hahaha


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