testing is going well.

still running my test family in hidden springs. really  pushing the envelope to see what the game is capable of and what might break it.
went back and forth from the future multiple times and so far so good, everything thing loads fast and no bizarre glitches.

well except for one

 took Derik, the heir apparent, to the future just to check out the descendants. he uh.. looked a little funny.

 and this

and this LOL

this is what he is supposed to look like. he kept flopping around between those 3 stages the entire time he was there.
but after taking him home he was just fine, so i dont think its a permanent thing, just a wacky glitch.

tomorrow im going to start making him go back and forth from WA worlds to see if that breaks the game
if i can get this guy to adulthood with the way im playing, then ill be super thrilled. i might actually be able to play a legacy in one freekin town. usually i cant get past 3 gens without some serious lag or issues showing up, and i have to evacuate (or start over)

so heres to you, Derik. lets hope your wacky adventures dont break everything haha.


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