This was so long overdue

But its finally finished. uninstalled and deleted everything. finally got most of my store stuff back in, towns, etc. the game still seems to be running pretty well. im missing one or two store lots but no big deal. half that stuff i never used.

put in what mods were absolutely non negotiable. it runs like a damn clock now. ticks along nice and steady. which is just what i was hoping for. i can actually play the damn game again withotu so much aggravation.

still debating on whether or not i want to add all my custom hair. certainly not ALL of it, there was a lot that was just crap. but one cant live on vanilla alone haha. ill have to figure out which ones are the 'must haves'.

but that can wait, right now im enjoying a smooth sims 3 like ive never experienced before. well not in a long time anyway! still need to test all the store crap and world adventures. that one can be a bug fest.


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