to friends of Yazzie

i have been informed that she has had a minor heart attack this morning. she is on machines and ok for now i think. chris text'd me but didnt give many details. so, if you are a freiend of yazzie, or an accuaintance or hell even if you have no idea who she is pray for her, keep her in your thought, do a voodoo dance, anything.
we love you yazzie <3


  1. Oh no! I don't know her well but that sounds horrible. I really hope she's okay!

  2. update: she is off the respirator now, and seems to be doing ok. but she will need a new pacemaker, cause its just not working

  3. I'm still texting with Chris -- we can probably keep each other up to date on how she's doing. Thankfully her vitals are looking good right now. I'll definitely be praying.

  4. Well I haven't spoken to her since she left Em's site (still confused about that), but I wish her well. :(

  5. My thoughts are with Yazzie and her family.


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