regarding the EA bumnuggetry and SIMians

i am aware of some of the douchebaggery going on over at EA, but i have not personally witnessed all of it, so i cannot confirm or deny if any of the offenders were in fact members of mine. The shittyness toward Lady EM was not my members, but marie blue IS a member of mine, and im not sure who else was in that thread in question because i either didnt read it or dont remember it.  im not usualy online at night, as thats when i have family time.

but i have this to say. im not a babysitter. i am also not responsible for the bullshit any one from SIMians decides to go and get themselves into. i am ALSO not approving any dipshit behaviour, because i have already told my members to behave themselves.If they keep this up, im going to be seriously angry.

i do NOT appreciate people running around, mucking up my reputation and giving my website a bad name. if i have to institute a new rule, and start banning people for being douchbags, then i will do that. i will not, i repeat NOT TOLERATE anyone being an ASSHOLE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. if you want to be a dickhead, fine be yourself. but dont associate yourself with me, plain and simple.

i will NOT continue to take flak for the shittyness of the SIMians community. I started SIMians so that simmers had a place to go and hang out and share content and blogs and forums, NOT as a place for bullies to organise.
go to OT simmers if you want that shit. Thats what that place is for, trolls and dickheads.

This is the last time i am going to say this. If one more member of mine so much as looks at another simmer in a bad way, ill delete the whole dam site


  1. SIMians is a great site, and I don't blame you for their actions. We can only be responsible for ourselves and our children, not other people's children. I'm put off by them not you. You are amazing.

  2. still, its embarrassing when my site members are creating trouble elsewhere. i didnt spend the last year and a half in this community helping people just get the reputation for having a site full of asswipes.
    i do appreciate your words tho :)

  3. I hear ya Zeri, and I can empathize with how ya feel. SIMians is yours. Your idea, your thoughts, your hopes of what you want it to be. Don't let anyone destroy it, because it sucks when you have to crawl out from it.

  4. Aw, Zeri I never held you responsible for anything. I was mosly just dissapointed by how they were acting and thats on them. If you need to, bring out the ban hammer before deleting that site as it's too good of a site to let go.

  5. FYI: Marieblue helped to flood the forums on the sims 2 right before sims 3 was released. They called it the Great Sims 2 Flood of 2009. She also made a thread cussing out a bunch of the forum members. Her friends thought it was funny, but the people she talked about wasn't too happy.I guess a lot of people didn't know about it or just forgot. I didn't forget. She's a fucking trouble maker. It didn't really surprise me when her true colors started to show.

  6. i will keep that in mind, thank you

  7. I hope that my post on my site wasn't the cause of this, Zeri.

    As I've stated, most members seem to be generally nice people, and there yes, are a few that tend to like the posting the off-topic pictures and videos and just thread-jacking, which aren't majorly offensive things. However, those bad apples do NOT make Simians a bad place. If I somehow alluded to that in my blog post, I do apologize. =(

  8. it wasnt you, AE, but i was hearing it all over the place, your blog, the mare, LE, i was really beginning to think i was missing something major that was going on, and i was getting blamed for it. (or rather, going to be)
    and this isnt the sort of behavior i condone or want anything to do with. if i can stop this from escalating, i will, or ill pull the plug.
    luckily most of my members seem to be in agreement with this. so if i lose a few bad apple, i wont cry over it

  9. Yeah, I don't see it at all as a reflection of you or your site. I'm sure that plenty of people know that YOU definitely don't act in that fashion!


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