Lady EM

NEITHER of those asswads are members of mine, im not really sure why you think i have anything to do with that


  1. I don't at all think you do. And for some reason I thought they were members (shows how much I pay attention) But in light of recent events there are simmers who do cause problems on the forums, some I wouldn't have expected to behave in that way.

    And it's more of, I already went through the kiddie brigade in the summer and don't want to do it again during the winter.

    I hadn't really decided on anything anyway. But you and I are cool. I didn't mean for you to think otherwise.

    Kinda one of those once bitten twice shy times a million type of things.

    If any of that makes sense.

  2. maybe im just overly sensitive. but im not putting up with this shit anymore. ive had TOO MANY people ive considered friends gets chased away from this community because of little pricks like that, and i just cant stand to sit and watch anymore

  3. s'all good *hugz*

    I won't leave SIMians, but if any of the ones there that have been causing trouble on the forums start up on anyone, I won't put up with it.

  4. no i agree, and im prettyy sure i have already warned that general SIMians community to stop being pricks. maybe i need to institute a new rule.


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