Now this whole fiasco just leaves a bad taste in my mouth

ok so apparently last night while i was sleeping, there was some interesting happenings on the EA forum. This morning, i come across THIS thread.

ok, harmless enough

but here comes the caped crusader

which at first, was taken with somewhat good humor.

and then all hell broke loose

ok so what the hell happened here people? Did everyone get hit with the dipshit stick while i was away? OVERREACT MUCH??

to ALL parties involved in this travesty of a thread, GET OVER IT. way to go overboard over NOTHING. You know, just hearing someone MENTION Jesus Christ offends ME but i dont go around scolding people about it. Keep your morality to yourself now and then. its not everyone's problem. And altho the OP was a bit of a hot-headed twit, the responses she got were really not deserved.

chill the fuck out people


  1. Too many overreact too often.

  2. I agree. That thread escalated out of all proportion. It's ridiculous. People seem to overreact about anything now.

  3. O.o What is with the forums? Is no one going to be satisfied until we all have a screaming match at each other?

    I agree tho, it shouldn't have happened. Biting one's cheek does wonders in situations like these.

    If someone finds what she said offensive, a simple silent report is a better solution than starting unnecessary drama.

  4. The forum is full of bumnuggets! They have all lost their minds!

  5. If anyone is over reacting, then its you. Learn to keep your nose out.

  6. @Anon - How about you learn to use a name? If you can't stand what Zeri has to say, don't read her blog. I don't think she asks ANYONE to read it, and she certainly doesn't beg anyone too.

    Perhaps you should stop being a moron, put a REAL name to go with your douchebaggery and THEN come back and be a twat, you jackass.

  7. Considering this is ZERI's Blog, she can post whatever she wants. This is for her opinions on whatever she chooses.

    You don't have to like it. But Zeri didn't overreact. That entire situation should never have gone that far. It's completely trivial.

    So how bout ya learn some respect?

  8. Oh lovely a coward anon! Go back to your hole where you belong!

  9. I'm sorry for being apart of it :( At the beginning, it was all fun but it just got out of hand later on. I should have just left but I don't know what cam over me, I guess I was bored to death but that is certainly no excuse. Also, I didn't mean to act like an ass about the religious issue. I myself, am a Christian. And the fact that someone was going all "God HATES me!" got to me personally somehow.

    I hope you guys can forgive me for acting so stupid :(

  10. oh course paco, there is nothing against you. it was the thread in general that was out of line.


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