i dunno how many times i can keep doing this

so my legacy heir is destroyed. thanx to EA's faulty programming and glitchy fuckin game my one and ONLY heir is garbage.
how many generations have i been working on to get to a dead end??  how many times have i started over from scratch because of computer problems? so my one and ONLY heir with the inherited traits can just dissapear into thin air! POOF!

he didnt even have the decency to die hes just fukin GONE!!! if he was dead i could still breed him! im so pissed i can barely see strait. MERRY FUCKIN CHRISTMAS TO ME!


  1. Zeri, no... :( He's really just GONE?? Has that ever happened before? I have to say that's a scary-ass thought....sims just disappearing out of the game. Doesn't surprise me, but I'm SO sorry that happened...no backup saves or anything? :(

    I'll be crossing my fingers for a miracle, I honestly will. That just swallows... :(

  2. no hes gone. its never happend before but somthing kinda similar happend to another sim, he turned all black and nothing can fix him.

    this sim turned invisible and unclickable. i had to delete him, i didnt know what else to do.
    i DID have a backup of him on my simpage, but that would make me have to restart my legacy.. so i just used his brother.. it was extreamly upsetting tho


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