aww man

just found out about the luner eclips and i missed it :( couldnt sleep, so came downstairs to check my mail lol. well its too cold to go outside anyway.. why do all the cool celestial happenings take place in winter?


  1. Mares nest missed it too, but It seems due to clouds blocking the view.

    SO sorry. Apparently shortly before the eclipse the moon turns pink or even blood red.

    I saw a red moon a while back (had something to do with earths proximity to mars)

    Celestial happenings are Win

    I hope to see the Aurora Borealis one day.

    If not

  2. Ughh I missed it too. I was wrapping presents and then remembered it, ran outside and couldn't find it! hah Damn clouds =(

  3. Don't feel too bad. I had to work :*(


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