am i alone here?

in thinking that the majority of sim hairs are extremely too BIG? either way too long, or way too puffy. or both. whos got that much hair?
its kinda silly.


  1. I agree. I have a lot of thick hair myself, but not like that.

  2. I agree that they're too big. Nobody has that much hair. Not so much about the length however, I think we need more decent long hairs.

  3. *Hops in the boat with Zeri*
    You are not!

  4. Yeah it annoys me when the hair has a giant poof at the top. Makes my sims head look huge!

  5. Yeah, they are too puffy. I have like, really thick hair and it would only go like that if I teased it underneath and used a TON of products.

    They all look so unnatural.


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