so, i signed up for a closed beta a week or so ago, for a game made by the people behind perfect world (my favorite free mmorpg) and after downloading it and trying to play, i couldnt get in. :'(
well today, i finaly got my email accepting my beta registration! and OMG is this game incredible.  i started with a kindred- a vampire character

Here are some screenies from the game *edit* oh i forgot to mention, the game is called Forsaken World

obviously i really like my character ^_^

i had to turn it off cause the kids all came home and its hard to concentrate. but so far i LOVE this game. i cant wait to play more!


  1. Boobs ahoy! hehe
    Looks interesting, the graphics look nice for a free game.

  2. Yes, it looks pretty freaking cool!

  3. yeah they are certainly boobtacular lol. and yeah it look absolutely amazing, its got really interesting features too. not just the same ol same ol you know?


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