ignorant people cheeze me off -RANT-

so yesterday i saw a status update from my sister in law about gay marriage. it said this:

So let me get this "straight" - Larry King is getting his 8th divorce, Liz Taylor is possibly getting married for a 9th time, Britney Spears had a 55 hour marriage. Jesse James & Tiger Woods are screwing EVERYTHING, yet the idea of same-sex marriage is going to ...destroy...institution of marriage?? Really? ...REALLY.....

 so naturally, i agreed, by saying something like yeah i hear that, or whatever.  so THEN this moron comes on, saying he believes in equal rights, and this and that and bla bla bla but gay marriage NO!


i was like???

i was like" you DO realize you just contradicted yourself, right? you believe in equal rights, yet you dont believe gays should have rights??"


then he preceded to spew the whole 'wont somebody think of the children' crapola, like having gay couples somehow warps and dements children everywhere.

i said, you know what gay marriage teaches children? it teaches them that they can be loved for who and what they are. children arent born with these ignorant notions of what 'marriage' should be, they have to be TAUGHT that.

so then, apparently having nothing else intelligent to add to the conversation, i guess he went onto my facebook profile to try to dig up some kinda dirt he could use against me, cause he comes back saying

Oh your a FRIGGIN WICCAN. thats explains why your so air headed.

now, this is all on my sister in laws facebook profile.. hes picking a fight with someone he doesnt even KNOW on someone ELSES profile.. and to stoop so low as to go dragging irrelevant information into the conversation?

i wanna fucking punch this guy.

so i came back with "yeah im a wiccan, and im not ASHAMED to be so, either. at least im a kind and tolerant person unlike YOU"


then my sis in law had to step in and end the fight cause it was getting out of hand and embarrassing her. and he came back with some kinda 'hey no fair, she got the last word' kinda bullshit. 

im kinda hoping that he decides to bring to MY page cause im still pissed and im not done arguing with him. fucking ignorant retarded fucking moron





  1. This made me mad reading it Zeri. As a Wiccan with many gay friends I can't even imagine how someone can be so narrow-minded. Yeah, it'd totally be better to raise children in a hostile environment where everyone is afraid to be who they are because it's not 'socially accepted' and all that bullshit. Lots of my gay and bisexual friends have young siblings and I don't see them 'suffering.' If being an 'airhead' means preferring equality to suppression I'd choose that over being a narrow-minded moron any day. Ridiculous. Really makes me angry.

  2. yeah me too. im still just so mad about it

  3. This month's "Parents" magazine has a short mention of how some of the happiest, most well adjusted children are those raised by lesbian couples.

  4. Ah I bet my opinion wouldn't matter either being that I'm a Kemetic Pagan.
    What a total A hole.....this is why people in general piss me off, total fucking juicebags.

  5. yeah i dont understand why some people seem to think that just because a couple is gay, that they are some kinda depraved orgy maniacs who hump anything and everything that crosses their path.

    if you ask me, people who believe that must watch too much porn or somthing.

    he still cannot grasp the fact that gay people ARE IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER

  6. This month's "Parents" magazine has a short mention of how some of the happiest, most well adjusted children are those raised by lesbian couples.


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