unexpected windfall

perhaps the curse is over? Mistress took her robot to the future, to tweak her a little and give her a new name. while they were there, both Mistress and Caretaker bought lotto tickets. turns out, Caretaker has a lucky streak. she won 300k!

so now we can fix the house. cause living in a basement with some shitt walls above it was depressing

 its coming along nicely :) still a long way to go tho. cant have all the big fun right away

 happy little family dinner.

 the twins are closer than ever. they frequently have magic battles. Deity always loses.

 there was a brief time when they had drifted apart a bit tho, thanx to a crappy fortune reading. that stupid thing..

 birthday time already? Demigod grew into a fine looking young man.. its almost a shame not to keep him

 and Diety grew up very nice as well! omy.. this is a problem. who do i choose? both twins are attractive, both have shitty traits, and both have an appealing occult.

 took them to the future for some shenanigans.

 had Deity dream about family.. and she woke up looking for a man.

 hey found one! this guy isnt too bad either. but she wasnt able to romance him, so i got bored and left. (i think i need to update whoohooer)

  Mistress completed her LTW and finally retired. its really time to choose an heir now.

  and i choose....

 both of them! provided Fortress grow up ugly (which she seems to be headed in that direction) then i am keeping BOTH twins.

they started a band called Evil Twin. neither will be allowed to marry, but both can have as many bastards as they wish. my favorite bastard will be the inheritor :)

heehee this will be fun


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