its a boy!

 Demigod got invited over to a party and the guy wasnt even home. doncha hate that? so did he. he set the guys house on fire.

 Master comes by for a visit!

 Demigod invited Aristi to join the band. but i guess that hologram lazer thing doesnt count as an instrument. too bad, it sounded kinda cool with the drums and guitar

 uhoh, whats this? Aristi seems nauseous!

 horray! she is officially preggers! the first potential heir is on the way! still nothing from Deity yet.

Demigod is the first to add to the gene pool. a little boy was born, Mark. hes got the futuresim hidden trait and is also a witch! if hes not fugly he might just be a fine heir indeed.
who will be the next one?


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