heir hording

 so far Mark is the only one. he is doted on

 cj daniels is kind of irritating. ho not only irritates me, he irritates Demigod. and its not a good idea to irritate Demigod.

 Aristi went and ate the cake when i wasnt looking. dammit

 but she is a loser, so grimmy brought her back.

 and Spawn's ghost drank her cowplant milk hahaha. thought it might revive him for a minute, but no

 this happens every time i go to the vampire club. why do so many sims like to give birth there?

 aaand Aristi ate the cake again. i really need to keep a better eye on her

 once again she came back

i got fed up with the both of them, and threw them out. Deity and Demigod will have to just sample the town goods once again.

 Mark growing up fast. will he be the ONLY heir?

 nope! there is another! Deity has a fling with some random fat guy at the club, and Axis was born. they will be aging up soon, so they really need to pile up the heirs quickly. now comes the baby-a-thon!


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