updates from the Ovevil clan

 Mark is getting older all the time. but dont worry, you wont be the only choice for long

 Demigod threw a woohoo party. they drank some beers, had some laughs. then the moon came out and one of the guests transformed.

 Deity tried getting a little flirty with the werewolf

 things started going well, and she took him out to the tent

 dod some game file cleaning and delphy dashboard deleted a lot of shit.. now my greenhouse is gone.. had to improvise.. i dont like it

 Axis aged up! eeeuk. she is icky.

 Deity invited the werewolf over again. but he seemed insulted when she flirted with him.
that night she went out to the club, and found another guy to flirt with. they woohood in the photobooth, but when she started flirting with him, he got insulted too. turns out those 2 guys are actually dating each other.

 midlife crisis time.. both twins are going thru it.

 ohmyy. one of those gay guys is going to be a daddy!

 not to be outdone, Demigod calls up one of his lady friends, and riskys her as well.

 oo success? or was she pregnant already before she came over? (happens to Demigod a lot)

 now Deity and Demigod have a child on the way at the same time! how exciting!

 this chick wont leave. shes been here for days

 if it wasnt for the twins casting thirst charm on her, she probably would have starved to death. she just sits here all day

 Demigod invited another girl over too. (to outdo Deity) Venus has been sending him love letters so he figured she was a sure thing. he didnt get a change to woohoo with her before she left.. and maybe thats a good thing.. shes kind of terrifying.


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