Spawn met an unexpected end

 finaly got a decent picture of each family member. Master.

 private investigator extraordinaire. hes so well hidden in those bushes, gosh what a chameleon.

  i finaly got enough money to build a few walls. they promptly burned them down

 Spawn aged up and he sure is a cutie. not suitable for heir because of his mermaid, but a fine looking boy just the same. too bad he doesnt make it

 he went to a friends house after school, and succumbed to dryness. their firstborn dead, before he even went to prom. was a sad sad day

 Mistress was heartbroken. they tried to have another for the next full moon, but it just didnt take.. so it looks like its down to the twins... one of them will HAVE to be the one

 Demigod isnt bad, but hes kinda a clone of his father. and that is just boring.

 Deity has potential. she seems to be a sort of blend of them both, at least. we will know for sure when they are YA. but for now, she is the front runner..


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