the curse continues

 Mistress brought home the meteor that squished her husband, and put it in the yard as a memorial. it must have agitated the aliens, because the robot was promptly abducted

 sold some of Master's stolen goods (he no longer needs them) and finished the second floor. yay its a house!

 Demigod somehow set himself on fire doing his homework... he survived for now..

 Mistress was making friendship potions for her children, when it backfired and she turned into a toad. annnd she has no husband to give her tru loves kiss, one of the only cures.

 Fortress was born, and has her mother's hair. i think she may also have her mother's face. *sigh* another clone

after a week of toad-ing around, Mistress went out to a bar to try to find someone, anyone to kiss her. Samuel Goth seemed willing.

no one has died yet, but the family does seem to have a curse or 2!


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