ive said it so many times, but now here i am saying it again

but this time, i think i finally mean it. the Ovevil's are past their expiration date. i love them still, but that save is so laggy and full of issues that i am just so tired of dealing with it anymore. i havent even played them in so long, because im avoiding the problems, and playing other familys. well im done. thats it, its over.

i shut down my blog. its still there for personal reference, but its no longer public. i havent deleted my save (yet) but i started a new file, and made the family over from scratch. so far, things are going well, and its fun.

instead of the typical  'gomez and morticia' type i always start with, i made the new Master and Mistress Ovevil a little more ethnic.

Mistress is Indian, or at least, has very Indian features. i tried to go with an asian look for Master, but i just didnt quite pull it off. he looks a little bit native american, so i am ok with that. they should blend well i think

didnt bother stressing over building the family dream home just yet. i dumped them on an empty lot hahaha. living out of a tent and roasting eggs on a firepit.

i might open up the old save file just to rescue a few people or houses from the town, but i think i am, finally finished with them.
ill have to start my hidden traits over, and supernatural states, but thats half the fun, really. besides, most of the hidden traits were kind of useless, and for all i know, thats WHY the family was so buggy.
ill stick with hidden traits that i know will be fun or useful. of course, pyro will have to come back. and the cop one is useful to cause you can beat up burglars. other than that, i might leave most of them out. they are currently working on the investigator hidden trait, because that one is fun and useful, and the old family lost it a long time ago anyway.

they recently had twins! so there are 2 potential heirs atm. Spawn, the first born. he inherited mermaid from the full moon god, and he is a cutie pie.

Deity and Demigod are the twins, and they are witches. i will probably go with one of them, because this town isnt really set up for mermaids

it feels good to start over. fresh blood, brand new sims, and ALL the cc at my disposal :) the original were made on day one base game, so they have a lot of baggage haha


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