the curse Ovevil

the Ovevil males seem to be dropping like flies.

 Deity is practicing her magic, and getting quite good

 shes is also bffs with her twin (as it should be)

 Master has nearly completed his career path, and is lev 8 investigator. he still has a long way to go for his LTW tho, of 50k of stolen goods

 hes got a new holopet form too, a little demon! how cute!

 but suddenly tragedy strikes (again). Master was out on a job interviewing a townie, when all of a sudden.. BLAMO

 it hit him, the townie, and a toddler. the toddler survived.

 it was Master's birthday too! he would have aged to elder that very evening. now he will be having no more birthdays

2 males have now been killed by fate in one generation. is Demigod safe? hopefully, Mistress' unborn baby tuns out to be a girl, because males dont last long in this family.

are they.. cursed?


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