2 come, 2 go

 Deity's LTW is to master advanced technology so she jet packs whenever she can. it still goes up wicked slow

 Fortress is growing up, and still isnt interesting

 i dont remember why i took this pic.. hmm

 Deity has an annoying personality. unstable. which sometimes can be fun, but she keeps getting avant gard which is just irritating. so Mistress threw a personality adjuster at her. shes a gathering slob now. meh slob will have to go

 the twins go to the vampire lounge almost every night. they romance everyone in that place, but so far, no pregnancies

 Diety even got asked out on a date.. to an empty field.. wow you playa

 the robot keeps getting abducted.. wtf

 Mistress is a frog again! this time Demigod did it. he is an evil little shit, and well he was bored

 an adorable evil little shit

 being a toad must have kept her alive, because once Mistress used a cure potion on herself, she died pretty much the next day

 Fortress couldnt deal with the loss of her mother and apparently killed herself. the twins had to deal with 2 deaths in one day

 with no one in town providing  any heir material, and to help with their grief, i sent the twins to the future again. this time, i fixed the future sims they both had crushes on, so that they would actually be romanced (had to nraas them)

 Deity brought home CJ Daniels

and Demigod brought home Arista... something or other.

i wasnt going to do this, have both twins bring a mate into the household, but desperate times call for desperate measures. and boy is it crowed in here! haha

and the kitty has a baby. isnt she pretty? pretty damn strange cat, but i love her


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