wont be much to update for a while

caught Sebastian gossiping to mother about Andreios.. 'hey what are you guys saying about me??"

Andreios has decided he really wants to settle down with Angela Hemlock. hes discussing his need for heirs. but it will be a while before Angela is ready. Andreios has set himself on the long and arduous journey, to find the sacred ambrosia. he will find this magical dish, he will serve it to his beloved, and he will marry her.

Sebastian, hopes to thwart his brother at every turn.  he joined the political career, to try to usurp his brother's throne. and now, he is trying to woo his brother's betrothed

If Rufioh wont let me ride him, ill RAISE me a horse who will!

 Nepeta did in fact let Andreios ride her, and they became 'fast' friends

now comes the task of gaining the skills, and finding the things Andreios needs to make his love whole again. this will be a long journey for him. he must not only max cooking, gardening, and fishing, he must find the life fruit, which does not naturally grow on dragon valley soil. he will have to find and plant many special seeds, so perhaps, one day, before he has lost his youth, he will finaly have what he seeks


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