alot happend in the kingdom

its been a while since i updated, so lets see if i can remember all that happend haha.

 we return to Dragon Valley. King Tyrion prepares to make changes to castle Pendragon. permanent changes. (like moving the lot to another location to fix my front of lot problem)

 Tyrion has had a rough time finding himself a mate. He is gay, and cant find any suitable bachelors in town who are single, or attracted to him. and since he is the king, and heir to the kingdom, he needs a relationship that produces children.

 a girl, Araceli, has caught his eye. she was single, and found him attractive. and he found her appearance pleasing enough. time was running out and he needed to seal the deal. so ignoring his own deep desires, he proposed.

 everyone loves a royal wedding! plenty came out that day to watch their king finally marry.

 Araceli did not exactly look like a queen.

 and Naomi, Tyrion's sister, expressed her displeasure.

 but Tyrion seemed to like her. shes the only girl since his prom date that hes showed any interest in.

 it wasnt long at all before the queen began show

a son. Sebastian is his name.

 Seraphim rode off into the sunset with the reaper.

 time was running out. Araceli aged up and so did Tyrion. we needed another heir, now.

 Andreios was born on a full moon. he was a fairy! and his mother's favorite. Tyrion favored the boy as well. it was clear who would be the inheritor of the throne

 the boy was quite the little flyer. much time passed and both boys grew into fine young men. Tyrion and Araceli grew old, and Andreios prepared to take his rightful place as heir

 first thing's first. learn to ride that noble steed!

-the funny thing is. i was reading the book series, the Kiesha'ra, while playing this family. i did not make Araceli, but he met and married her before i even knew that a character in the book had that name.
and its completely ironic, that her son Andreios (another character in the book) was born a fairy. i did not orchestrate that at all. in the book, both characters are winged shapeshifters. so i was totally delighted when he was born a fairy!-


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