and life begins

 King Tyrion graduation from high school with relatively good grades. no one was there to celebrate with him

 soon it was off to college! with any luck he can start higher in the political career than his father did.

 he moved into this nifty party boat

 study study study. he did very little actual partying, in fact, none

 he still hasnt quite decided on a sexual preference either. one day he likes boys, the next day he likes girls

 he made the deans list! all that studying paid off. (biting fellow students can get you thru those tough times.)

 back home he made it into his career at lev 4 and now he needs to focus on finding himself a mate. he had a random wish to drink a werewolf potion, even tho he was already a vamp. i didnt think it would work, so i made him drink one. hes a wolf now

 father haunted the castle a little. he said hello to Vlad, his first born

 this is Tyrion's childhood friend, Chin Butts (yes that is his name lol) hes cute, but tyrion wasnt very attracted to him. i like to mate my sims with someone they find blindingly stunning. so chin butt wont do, no matter how much he likes him

mother and father both came for a visit the one night he had a girl over.

and then poor Phoenix passed on.


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