gen 3 already?

The teen years were mostly uneventful. altho i may have forgotten to get pics of a few key moments

 for instance, Andreios's invisible friend. he came to life. and hes unstable which is hilarious

 a new foal was born! he followed the boys to school one day

 Tyrion taught the boys how to drive. if you cant find em, grind em!

 a lot of ' not much happening' thru this time

 the invisible friend, Ahnmik, having one of his episodes

 Sebastian aged up. hes not too bad looking. i kicked out one roomate and he joined the family again as a roomie. i love having my discarded family as roommates!

 Andreios playing with sparklers lol. hes so cute

 the foal grew up. his name is Rufioh. hes kind of an asshole. no one can ride him

 Tyrion died one day before the boys aged up. wow time flies. it seemed like his story just started! well his was kind of a sad one. spent his life looking for his true love and never found him. so he settled on a girl he didnt love and just lived out his life in mediocrity. its so depressing

 hopefully King Andreios' life will be much more fulfilling.

 his mother died the very next day. Tyrion might not have loved her, but she DID love him. she was heartbroken

 Andreios tried to console Sebastian.

 and takes him out for a spirited game of fetch

 winter is coming. o wait its here! a nice skate on the pond next door is sure to cheer one up

 Andreios threw a gift party and invited a ton of people. this girl he never met, Marcella Lawless showed up. he is already enamored with her. 10/10 attraction! woo! and shes single!

could Marcella be Dragon Valleys next queen?


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