the purge

Karliah, being a fairy, was pretty self sufficiant once she was potty trained. put down a fairy house and she can feed herself and go to bed whenever she needed to

the triplets aged up, and were somewhat of a disappointment.  and still cant eat the ambrosia.

 so i think its time to clean house. the twin were vampires and the triplets were ghosts, so both sets were more or less immortal and cannot be let back into the world population, or they would be there forever. breeding and taking up valuable town space. i evicted and deleted them

 Karliah was quite a cutie, and shaping up to be a decent enough heir to be.

 she aged up alright, but the king and queen wanted to try again (curse you family oriented trait)

 Azura was born. for some reason she didnt get an occult even tho she was born on the full moon. and Angela will be aging up very soon, so she and Andreios tried one more time. to hell with the moon, lets do this

 after woohooing, he gave Azura a bath... dude thats kinda creepy

Andreios soon passed on. leaving the kingdom without a monarch, as an heir hasnt yet been chosen.

Queen regent Angela had to now, raise their 2 young daughters alone, and rule the kingdom in her husbands place. and was about to give birth

to triplets AGAIN... Sheogorath, Namira, and Nocturnal.
there are no other chances. an heir MUST be chosen from these 5 remaining.


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