well this is what i was trying to avoid

i did get the notification that the triplets had been blessed with a supernatural state from being born on a full moon... but i couldnt see what it was. their portrait panels didn have a colored outline, their motive bars didnt look any different, and even in master controller, i couldnt find any hidden traits or altered life state. i thought at first, that the game just made an oopsie.

 but once they became toddlers, it was clear that they all were ghosts..i could see them in the flesh, but they made ghost sounds and had graves in their pockets... great. so, i sent Andreios out to collect ingredients for ambrosia.. again.

 i was lucky to even find a life plant. and good king Andreios is getting on in years.. he doesnt have much time left. and with him goes the only person with the ambrosia knowledge. my unicorn helped it grow, since the king is no longer a fairy

 Lucien took some candy from his baby sister. what a swell fella.

the twins aged up
 beavis and butthead....

and the triplets too. Farkas


 and Vilkas. when the triplets aged up, i tried to get one of them to eat the ambrosia... but they could not. and im not quite sure why. im almost positive i had a child eat ambrosia once before, but she was actually dead, not born a ghost. so im not sure if i CAN cure their life state... i just hope they remain visible, because ghost sims annoy me.

 and that evening, (another full moon) their last hope was born.. Karliah. shes a fairy! and a princess, which i was kind of hoping for. last 3 monarchs were male. we need a queen. and most importantly, not a ghost.

 the granparants came out to welcome the new family member again. but poor Vincente was in the crypt sleeping and damn near wet himself... a vampire afraid of a ghost, hahahaha


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