a long road

Andreios got to work gaining the skills he needed to bring his love back from the world of the dead. he cooked whenever he could

 and read many many skill books.

he took to the water and fished for weeks

 and months

 Nepeta was always there for support and a hug

 finally, his gardening was high enough to plant the special seeds he had found. and huzzah, one of them is a life plant!

 that very night was a full moon, and the zombies came... luckily they didnt destroy the life plant

 Andreios read and read and read. and finally, his cooking was high enough to read the ambrosia recipe. this is it... at last.. now. how to i get Angela to eat it?

 Angela is a roommate, so i dont control her. i waited until Ahnmik and Sebastian had both already eaten. i took all the other prepared food out of the refrigerator, and placed only the ambrosia inside. then i waited till she was hungry..
success! she grabbed it!

 shock! Angela cant believe her eyes! is she really here? is she alive again! she must have immediately forgot that she lived here, because after eating the ambrosia she left the castle.

 Andreios was asleep at the time, so he couldnt catch her. but the next day he asked her out as soon as possible. and gave her a ring

the wedding was the next day.
it was a beautiful affair. and the kingdom has a beautiful new queen. welcome to the family, Queen Angela!


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