well thats.... interesting.

Andreios and Marcella really hit it off

 i gave her a little makeover. shes gorgeous!

 i was certain Marcella would be the new queen.

 Andreios proposed. it was all settled! love day was approaching and he planned on taking her to the alter then.

 now that Marcella is in his family tree panel, i decide to get a look at her genetics to see who she was related to. it turned out, she was NOT a true lawless.. she had married into the family and already had two teenage daughters. Andreios felt so bertayed he dumped her.

 Andreios spent the next several day at the bottom of a fancy drink. he really thought she was the one.

 that stupid unicorn still wont him ride him

Andreios went to the summer festival to try to pick up the pieces of his broken heart and meet a girl. he met Angela. she was green, but absolutely adorable.

he brought her back home and asked to to be a roomie.. and i decided to put her in CAS to change her outfit... and she turned into a ghost.. wtf? so now his potential bride is already dead.

poor guy just cant win


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