before the begining

Angela met her mother in law Araceli.

 Andreios had accomplished nearly all of his life goals, save one.. his life time wish. he needed to grant 12 sims inner beauty. so he started on his lovely new bride. and made her decidedly less lovely.

and Ahnmik

 and the maid.

 and his brother is laws!

 while he was out  uglying up the town, the grim reaper came for Ahnmik. Sebastian wasnt far behind, and now Andreios' entire family has perished. its time to begin his own.

luckily, Angela snapped back to normal after a while. phew!

 a new foal joined the household as well. Galarion.

 now that is is time to settle down and have children, Andreios cured himself of the Fae. now he and Angela can have at least a sort of normal lifespan together. otherwise, he would have outlived her 4fold.

 too bad nobody told him, humans are vulnerable to cold. one probably shouldn't ride their horse in the cold of fall wearing trunks in the freezing rain. oops

 'dont worry, dear, ill save you!'


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