so my game just may be fubar.

im having a serious problem and i cant figure out the cause or solution.

everything was working fine for a long time. i recently sent my sim to college, and when he returned i tried to build him his own room. upon saving the game 'crashed' saving forever untill i control alt deleted.

i have spent the last 2 weeks trying to fix this, to no avail. removing any and all things recently downloaded (which wasnt much) has yielded nothing. deleting cache, nope, moving faily to new town/lot, nope, its GAME WIDE.

so resetlot also was useless. tried running as administrator, nothing. im about out of ideas to try. i went to user permissions and made everying 'allow' but i already ran as administrator so i fail to see how this will make a difference.

i have all eps/stuff packs and almost all store content, which means there will be NO patch or any help from ea AT ALL.

twallan is also gone, so no help from that direction. if i cant figure this out my game will be permanantly handicapped.

i can play just fine, buy furniture, yadda yadda, i just cant BUILD. i NEED to be able to build now and then.

AND i havent finished my custom town yet, so i will never be abel to finish it, because im in the process of building houses for it.



  1. hmm so its possible i may fix it yet. setting everything to allow did jack shit, so i removed the mod folder and loaded up a dummy town. that saved fine. i built some crap, saved fine again. so obviously its a cc issue. i removed the last 2 things i downloaded (which was a custom boat and the store fixes) and loaded up my family. saved fine. SO..... its the culprit has been discovered. almost. now, to put my store fixes back in and hope that THAT wasnt the issue.. cause then all my store content will be fucked and i wont be able to use it. hopefully, its the boat. if not, ill have to go back to a previous store fix i suppose, since i had no issue with the last one (just one store item wasnt working that i was aware of)

  2. aha.. narrowed it down to the recent store fix. which totaly SUCKS because it finaly got my prism art studio working. im gonna try installing the previous one and hope it helps. if not ill have to just live without my store content, OR building... whichever one is more important ot me i guess


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