college antics

 all college life. its take me this long to stick with one family long enough to get a teen to turn young adult and try out the university ep. (i sent one guy of of cas but didnt stay long) its much more fun when you 'know' the sim.

  this sim, is Nikaru Awesome. his father was a world class magician. his mother was a martial artist and an equestrian. they wanted the best for their son. but all he wants to do is play guitar.

 he enrolled in the fine arts. hes doing quite well, got on the deans list and is partying every night. mostly chicks ask him to parties. but hes not interested in them because

 he landed himself the hot cheerleader! how did she ever agree to go out with this loser? who knows, but she seems head over heels for him. he sings her sonnets.

    and being a rebel he has to shout about 'the man' and spray paint everything in sight. hes is having a blast!

o looky, the cheerleader finaly let him sketch her nude! oo la la


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