the game is very strange sometimes. so Nikaru was dating this cute werewolf in high school. they hooked up randomly at the prom and dated until he aged up. she still had a while to go, so i had him break up with her because i knew i was sending him to college, and he would be dating other chicks.

well, he dumped her and they stayed friends, and off to college he went. he dated several girls while in college, and when almost none of them stayed very friendly with him after he dumped them. (especially the cheerleader he dumped via text message, booy was she mad)

well, after being home a while, Gail aged up to YA.. and for some reason was automatically Nikaru's girlfriend again! ha, never saw that happen before. so i said screw it, and just let them be together. shes isnt all that bad looking for a random townie, and shes a werewolf, so thats fun. her personality kinda sucks, but o well

they started a band. No Survivors lol

no beauty queen, but not too shabby


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