am i the only one not jumping on the sims 2 bandwagon?

i didnt give a shit about it a year ago, and i dont give a shit about it now. i already have all the fucking eps, i could have played them whenever i wanted.

now its sims 2 sims 2 sims 2 everywhere i go. yeah it was a great game. then. its a ho hum game now.

sims 2 aint got SHIT on sims 3. is it just a nostalgia thing? cause i think its a propaganda thing.

sims 4 is basically sims2 redeux. so to distract peopel from "heeeey this is missing crap we already have in sims 3!!" they are saying

look over here! sims2 for free!

and once you get used to playing sims 2, sims 4 will seem like a grand improvement.

not buying into it.

still ove sims 3. still love open world. still love cast. still love toddlers. couldnt care less about pools to be honest, but boats, horses, rain. fuck yeah sims 3.


  1. My son has been playing TS2 again. He's not so fussed about CASt but I really miss it. I just wish they had put more of the TS2 quirkiness in TS3.

  2. yeah i do miss the quirkyness. there was a sense of humor to the sims 1 and 2 that is just vacant now.


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