i am done with outside already this summer

its only the first day of july and its like 9 million degrees. thats not exactly normal for my area. my son already got a sunburn (and i DID put sunblock on him) my daughter already got a tick, and our street already flooded.

plus we are getting thunderstorm/flash flood warnings all week, so yay my house might float away.
no climate change my ass.

so this one very outdoorsy person is now very much indoorsy. fuck outside.

never thought i would wish for winter.

im probably going to have to move to higher ground in the next few years if these weather trends continue (or worsen). and not just me, probalby this entire area.

this river flood pretty frequently and more sporadic rainfall is only going to exacerbate the problem.

this is just one of those low bank leaky ass rivers. they never should have put towns so close to it in the first place.


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