save yourself

its seems like a no brainer, but you should save your game often. if that little voice in your head say 'you should probly save' you should PROBABLY save.
no' o ill wait till i finish this skill point' or 'as soon as my sim gets back home' no buts and ifs, save that fucker.

cause usually that is what i do.. that little voice says 'hey yano, maybe you should save cause its been a while' and i often tell it to wait a minute, i got shit to do.

well this time i listened.. and not 10 minutes later the game crashed. definitely happy i payed attention to my simmy guardian lol. it had been a LONG time since i saved last and that would have really cheesed me off.


  1. You should probably save any time you think "save" like "when did I last save?" or "didn't I just save this?".


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