mouse soul video

has anyone seen that video where the guy films a mouse in a trap and then a 'soul' flies up off screen at its moment of death? i wont post it here, if you are interested in seeing it google is your friend.

so how many people believe this shit at face value?
i think it is fake. i looks around for some evidence that it is fake, but nothing yet, its too new a video i guess, but here is the thing.

WHY is he filming a mouse's death? people dont just film shit like that unless they are seriously twisted. so, he intended to add a spirit to the film, its the only logical explanation as to why he filmed it in the first place.

unless he IS seriously twisted and then WHY would you reveal your sick mind to the public? even IF you saw something as amazing as a soul. i just dont understand the motivation here, to film this animals death.

this is an obvious fake to me. not because i dont believe in souls, but because i think this smells very staged to me.

do you agree or disagree? lets discuss


  1. You stated exactly what I was thinking. There is no other reason to film this but to add to it later. I am a christian and a believer in souls but this screams FAKE as loud as it can. There is yet any clear visible evidence that there is a soul other than belief as a lot of things in this world require. Stop with these fake videos of things that require belief, it makes us all look stupid to each other and makes the person making the clip look like an idiot.


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