so here i am

 i think i got my simself a little closer this time. man its hard to get it just right.

i think she just might be stupid looking enough XD. im sticking with this one for a while. she is satisfactory. i had a really good one a while back that i liked but i lost her for some reason and shes not on my page anymore. every single one ive tried to make since has looked weird to me. plus ive needed to update her every time there is new traits lol. now shes perfect (traitwise)

derp.. pie

yep... socially awkward, so every time she talks to people she puts her foot in her mouth and gets embarrassed. spot on. shy, animal lover, childish, and um.. the forgetful one, forgot what its called. and a witch. cause they are more fun than vamps ^_^. might trade out childish for clumsy eventually but eh, im fine with it.

so this is the house i built for her. i really had no ideas. i saw this great island with nobody on it (well one guy but i moved him someplace else) and i HAD to put a big ol lot there. the whole house is on the water.

i opend up on of my floor plan books to find something that would work for this sort of small space. most of those houses in the book are odd shapes or have hige garages. a garage wouldnt really work here. but i saw a cute victorian and i thought i could pull it off. i think it works :) (it did have a garage but i converted it into the garden room)

my LTW is to adopt a unicorn. and look who i found!! and its a black one!! Teehee!

now to get him into my household.. the legit way. man havent done THAT before lol


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