well this town is ruined

i dont know how, or why, but almost every lot now has a clipped border and there is nothing i can do to change it. i removed every lot, rebuilt and replaced EVERY lot, and it all looked fine, no clipping, no edge wierdness. but after a day or 2 in game its clipped again wtf.

so i give up.
this town is shot. im still gonna play in it. (it is a pretty dam cool town despite my fuckups) but i dont dare unleash it on the public lol.

instead i will take what ive learned and apply it to my next town. which will NOT be a prefab map without a flat area in existence anywhere.

i kinda ended up doing half of what i was supopsed to do backward (cause i didnt know WHAT i was supopsed to do lol)

well dems da breaks when you are trying something new.

 its an almost nice place for the Colosseum. too bad the lot is so bumpy and wierd. but the view is incredible

 so smoothing all the roads fixed my minor tire problem where they were dipping into the road. however it BROKE EVERYTHING ELSE

 ahh i just love the view from my lot.

 i found this lot in my studio and decided to give it a shot. it was always an awkward lot to try to use, because it was built on a beach with a steep cliff . but since this town has wierd proportions i thought it might fit. well it almost did

 it dips into the lot about an entire story lol. but it does fit up against the beach very nicely :)

 the back had this nice little alcove beach thing

 i just stretched it out more to accomodate this much larger lot size

  the front of the house was hard. since it dips so badly, i tried to do smoothing to at least give it a gentle hill, but it was just too steep. so i chopped it out and built this ...thing. but hilariously, the sims didnt bother using it, and they just ran up the hill anyway, lol. so i tore it all back down and made the steep hill again

 and day 2 i got burgled.. i dont even OWN anything. the house has a toilet and a fridge and thats about it

 ahh i love beau Merrick's eyes.. there is just something about this guy

 the castle at night.

 Beau being hunky

 Tried to give Zeri a spary on tan and well... now she has pink stripes

and then a magician tried to stab her with a sword lol. i need to just stay home


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