i just cant stop. i need an intervention or something

began my third town. this one will be my crowning achievement! i hope lol. my first town was too lumpy and as a result, i ended up with lot clipping after smoothing the roads. my second town, came out nice, but its too flat and boring for my particular taste.
for this town im trying to combine what i liked (and learned) about the other 2.
this one will feature alot of shoreline. (just in time for Island Paradise ;) lol )
because my last town felt too 'constricted' for me. all i could see was mountains. so this town has a nice mountain backdrop and lots of open beaches. should be fun.
im also trying to be more creative with my landscaping. getting a little bolder with hills and placing roads and lots on top of them.
i have high hopes for this project, and so far all is going according to plan



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