moved to another lot

and still cant decide if i like it. :/

i was having some odd routing issues with bonehilda. she kept stomping her foot and complaining and then she would get error trapped. it just started one day, she worked fine before so i dunno what was causing it. tried replacing various things i thought  she was tripping on, but nothing helped. plus it was winter so i couldn't see if anything weird was in her way outside.

well i was bored and decided to try moving my lot to another area of the map. there was another scenic lot i made near the islan, and it was alot flatter. so i went there.

honestly, im not sure i like the view better over here. sure it is nice, but its just not AS nice.
well my bonehilda problem DID go away in the new place, so it worked. and this lot is alot less hilly so i dont have that huge weird cliff in my front yard.. but, my back yard is now almost completely underwater, as this lot is closer to sea level.


ill probably stay.. but im just not sure im really happy here
maybe when spring comes ill like the view better


  1. Zeri BlackheartMay 5, 2013 at 6:06 PM

    well the bonehilda routing problem came back.. so i give up i guess. no bonehilda for me :(


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